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Red Hat Mammas...Kathy Bee and hat designer Josie Silva have compiled a step by step video course and instructional manual on how to design all kinds of hats…plus tips on how to maintain your hats.





Kathy Bee

Award winning singer/song writer Kathy Bee has performed for audiences both large and small across the U.S. singing a variety of musical styles with her 3 octave ranget...variety is her specialty. 

With over 25 years experience as a professional entertainer, manager, promoter, publicist & writer, Kathy Bee has regularly acquired print and broadcast interviews for her clients.  Through networking with others her clients have appeared in the press (LA TIMES, PRESS TELEGRAM, LAS VEGAS SUN and other local papers locally and nationally) and on TV. 

Writing, producing and performing in stage shows, musicals skits, producing commercials, political campaign spots, TV shows, press releases, major and minor entertainment events are also a part of Kathy Bee’s job description. 

Her performances inspire members of the audience, reminding them to have a positive outlook, to always keep hope alive, and to never give up!  Her Patriotic Song "I'm An American" reminds people of the diversity of our country and the unity that brings us together.

Fun Videos

Kathy Bee's Red Hat Mamma

Kathy Bee's I'm An American

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