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The truHCG program consists of HCG hormone treatments in conjunction with a low calorie diet. During the treatment you take a small amount of HCG into your body consistently throughout the day.HCG turns your body into a fat burning machine! The compounds in HCG tell your body to use any and all fat stores as nutrients to sustain ... thousands of calories – from your fat stores! " "ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) ...$29.99

Dr. Oz Talks About HCG






I am an entertainer and I have to stay in shape. I've spent the best part of my life looking for the right diet and healthy foods not only to keep fit but to also look my best. Since my shows are interactive...I have to maintain my stamina.


Over a short period of time, and due to menopause and lack of energy, I gained 20 lbs. I had a series on engagements coming up and needed to desperately lose at least 15 lbs so that I could get back into my costumes.


I discovered HCG. After extensive research...I decided to try it...(especially since Dr. Oz had recommended this product).


To my worked...


I no longer craved food!


This allowed me to intelligently choose what foods to put into my body...


Bye Bye sugar...carbs..saturated fats...


Hello, vegetables, fruits and lean white meats!


I have lost the weight and I have more energy than ever!


It Does Work!

Me at the Women In Film Golf Tournament in Malibu, CA
July 7, 2011
(Before HCG)

Me entertaining for Red Hatters in Sacramento, CA
Aug. 27, 2011
(2 Weeks On HCG)

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