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Kevin Dobson /Actor / Director/ Writer

Kevin Dobson

Kevin Dobson & Marguerite Fair co-writers for 

For almost a decade, Kevin Dobson made life a lot more pleasant and bearable as Mack MacKenzie, on Knots Landing.  We couldn’t get enough of the delicious love story that we peeked in on every week between him and the lovely and bubbly Michele Lee, who played his wife on the show.  We also delighted in watching his character, Detective Bobby Crocker on Kojak with the late and great Telly Savalas; a man greatly admired and respected by Kevin Dobson.


Kevin joyfully expresses his delight in having toured with the 2009 stage production of the renowned play “Twelve Angry Men,” as Juror # 10.  It was a role that challenged him to give a powerful performance, which the gifted and talented Actor brought so eloquently to the theatre table.


Kevin Dobson’s kind spirit and desire to be of service to others, is clearly what inspires me most about him.  He and his wife Susan raise funds through the Kevin Dobson Celebrity Pro-AM Gold Tournaments, which benefits the John Wayne Cancer Institute. The Dobson’s are truly a close, kind and loving family.


What Kevin is most proud of is having served as an MP in Vietnam.  He is greatly respected by Veterans Organizations for his dedicated service to help hospitalized Veterans. He has received the Silver Helmet Award, and the American Legion Award.  Kevin’s heartfelt quote is: “If you love your country, thank a Vet.”


Twice Kevin was selected to serve as the Chairman of the National salute to hospitalized Veterans, and has been honored to host two Veterans Inaugural Balls for President’s George Bush and Bill Clinton. His limitless talent and enthusiasm for life, coupled with his capacity to strive for excellence is a wining combination.


Kevin Dobson’s new and passionate project is a play that he co-wrote and will direct.  “Your Late Mother,” more than a play, it is an experience about the power of love, healing and forgiveness. A first staged reading was greeted with accolades about its emotional tone that connects us all to the desire to set things right before we cross over to the Hereafter. For more information about the play:  


The joy created by Actor’s such as Kevin Dobson, is appreciated beyond even their scope of understanding.  Were it not for the fantasies created by their special energy and talent; life would be a bland experience, missing the very essence of life to express joy through the creative process.  We humans need entertainment. Kevin, thank you so much for all the joy that you have shared and continue to share. We wish you much success with the play, and all of your future endeavors.

                                       By: Marguerite A. Fair, Writer, Los Angeles, CA

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