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Marguerite Fair Member of Women In Film & The Woman's Clubof Hollywood


Marguerite Fair is an up and coming playwright in Burbank at only sixty-five years young.


If you believe that it is never too late to start your life and go for what you want then you will agree that Marguerite Fair is a source of inspiration for us all.


Marguerite is a natural and gifted writer. At age forty-eight, she ran away from home and drove from the east coast to begin her writing career.  To date she has written thirteen screenplays, three plays, four non-fiction books, a novel about love and obsession. Presently she has completed her sixth book “New Over 50/What I Learned About Better Health from Baroness Benita von Klingspor.”  Marguerite wrote, produced and directed her movie “Roberta’s Choice” and several comical Goddess You Tube Videos. In addition, she maintains and produces content for several of her websites:;,;;, and


In 2007 while living in Atlanta, Marguerite was feeling sad about her fragmented relationship with her sons who reside in New Jersey.  To sooth her spirit and write about a hopeful ending for all families suffering from issues of abandonment, resentment and anger Marguerite wrote a one act play: “Your Late Mother.” The play resonates with the message about the power about love, forgiveness and releasing the need to control. It is the story of a mother who on her last day of life prays for and receives the miracle to gather her family at their old home to attempt to heal their relationships. You will laugh and cry with this typical and dysfunctional family from New Jersey. It is a story that everyone can relate to from their individual family experiences.


When she returned to West Los Angeles in 2010, she contacted the Actor’s Network Studio and requested a group of actors to participate in the first reading for the play. Much to her delight, Kevin Dobson star of the former hit shows “Kojak” and “Knots Landing” volunteered to read for the role of “Jack Dowkowski.” 


From the start, Kevin was anxious to be a part of the play and so they formed a collaboration to expand and refine the project.  Kevin then took the script to his agency: The Gage Brothers, and was told the play needed to be expanded to a two act.  Once Marguerite received that information, two weeks later, Kevin was astounded when Marguerite wrote the second act.


They spent a year and a half editing, reading and restructuring the play.  During that time, Kevin Dobson directed four staged readings for the play. Two were presented at the Alderson Actor’s Studio in Hollywood, CA. One at the Los Angeles Theatre Center in Los Angeles, CA, and one at the Group Rep in Burbank, CA.  Various actors read for the play. Kevin Dobson, Tony Denison, Sean Young, Paul Carafotes, Kaitlin Shaner,  Sheilah Grenham,  Patrick Burke, Roberta E. Bassin, David Ghilardi, John Fantasia, Bud Sabatino, Katie Booth, Bernard Burlew. The special song for the play “I’m Glad You’re Back” is written, sung and produced by: Jude Ciccolella, actor and songwriter.


After the fourth reading directed by Kevin Dobson, creative differences made Kevin end his participation in the play and move on to other commitments. He has wished Marguerite Fair well in her future direction and production for “Your Late Mother.”


Being a pro-active woman and not one to procrastinate, Marguerite produced and directed the fifth and final reading for “Your Late Mother.”  It was done at the Little Theatre in the Burbank Theatre Center in Burbank, CA.   It was expanded to include action and the play finally came to life. All feedback indicated a go to get the play to its feet as an off book, week premiere.  Marguerite has booked the Larger Theatre in the Burbank Theatre Center for the week of: February 6 – 9, 2014.


Marguerite is now active in pre-production and fundraising. She invites everyone to go to the Contact Us page on  and sign up to be on the mailing list. Pre sales tickets will begin in July, 2013.


As part of her venture for creative fund raising, Ms. Fair is re-writing and preparing the second play she wrote for a special two day fundraiser to take place in June 2014:  “The Goddess Intervention,” a comedy about four obsessive Goddesses stepping onto the path of self-realization and making a mess of it.  One performance will be a private home showcase presentation for friends and family and the other will be presented in the Burbank Theatre Center for the public. All proceeds from the ticket sales will go to the production of “Your Late Mother.”  The fundraiser will be a fun event with door prizes, photos with cast members and 50-50’s.


To contact Marguerite Fair for more information:  or go the Contact Us page on .


Written by: Maureen Rosenthal, writer, publicist & photographer

Copyright 2013