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Terri Deloria & Vi Mikolaj
The Jelly Ladies

Terri & Vi, the owners of Gatherings Ashtabula County are better known to their family and friends as the "Jelly Ladies".


They began their new enterprise by black berry picking. They used the berries from their properties in Ashtabula County, Ohio, to make jelly as gifts for friends and family. "We picked, and picked, and picked until we had way too many jars to just give as gifts," stated Terri. "One day while we were picking, we started to discuss the possibility of a marketing jellies and jams. We decided that we should at least give it a shot!


After tossing out different names we might use, Vi suggested "Gatherings" since we were gathering for our families. Since we are praying women, we asked the Lord to give us a name, and He confirmed to me that "Gatherings" was the right choice." 


At that point they made the decision to take their product to the Geneva Grape Jamboree. They had strawberry, black raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, triple berry, and currant; everything except what the people were looking for, grape! They were so successful, even without the grape jelly that decided to transform "Gatherings" into a real business. 


The following winter, the pair had some wine hanging around and decided to try making "wine jelly". It became an instant hit! 


Their wine jelly is made from local wines from the Lake Erie Vines & Wines Trail of North East Ohio.


Another favorite that sells out quickly is their "Screamin Pepper Jelly".


To date Terri and Vi make all of their jellies and jams the same way they did when they first started, by hand and in small batches to give their customers that superb quality and excellent taste! 


"We love being able to support our local community in using the local wines from our region." Terri exclaims. "So whether you are looking for fantastic fruit jelly to spread on your morning toast, or luxurious wine jelly to put with cheese and crackers at an evening event, you will find it here! Can't find what you're looking for? Just drop us a line!" 


Terri and Vi also produce a variety of custom orders including wedding and party favors! 

For more information go to: Gatherings Ashtabula County

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